Prabidh Sharma
Prabidh Sharma

Consultant (San Jose, USA)

A self-starter and always looking to learn new things, Prabidh taught himself HTML and CSS without instructors or institutions and applied his knowledge in technology and business knowledge to help grow business. He has over five years of web design experience and understands the front end of a website and a business. 

 He is the financial guru and graduated from San Jose University in Business Administration. He is also an amazing content writer who focuses on writing on saving money, personal finances, and financial independence. Through his blogs, he shares his experiences and insights  on the personal and corporate finances. 

When Prabidh is not working, he spends time reading books, writing, and hiking. He believes that every book has a whole world inside it; reading can give you perspective towards the other people and the rest of the world.

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